A brief introduction about me ...

Art and fashion

The first you must know about me it is I am not a full-time photo model. Not at all. I am an engineer. Biomedical Engineer, to be precise. Nevertheless, I have always liked fashion and art, and I have been very early introduced to this world.

For years, I have done theatre, first at school and then at the university. I enjoy writing and drawing as well. It feels right to express myself or sending a message through interpretation. I also dance: modern, salsa, bachata, tango, waltz, rock and roll, swing, kizomba.... dancing is just life and it makes me so happy.

As for modeling, I was introduced to this world almost by coincidence, but I loved it from the beginning. I have always loved how fashion allowed us to express ourselves, and modeling in different contexts allows me to help other people to express themselves too, and that is indescribably good.

As you may think from all this, I am not a shy person. I am looking for improving this occasional activity as a photo model, as I enjoy it, and I think is a nice way to complete my professional activity. 


I still have to earn more experience, that's what I am making this website. However, for two years now, I have been doing some works. Just check the following list.  

  •  At Lycée Français de Madrid, from 2010 to 2018, I was in two school teacher groups ( one in spanish and another in french).
  • At the University, for three years, I was also part of the university theatre association, NoEsCulpaNuestra.
  • As a photo model, I have work for the agency Sunset Boulevard
  • I have also done tfcdb and some short works with amateurs photographers, art students, and small enterprises
  • I can do any kind of work, from artistic pictures to fashion ones, microstock, and or experimental
  • I have done mostly face modeling and makeup-focused pictures, but also boudoir ones.

Other considerations

  •   I speak a bunch of languages 
  •   I play the flute, dance, do horseriding ...
  •  ....you can check on the " work with me " section!